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Applying a Mint Green Wash

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I have done this small tutorial on applying a mint green wash to pink vinyl that might help new artists learning the art of reborning.
This is the technique I use when applying my washes and as every artist is different they each have their own special way of doing the wash.
I find some vinyl more pink than others and as I personally like to start with a nice pale colour undertone, I found by applying a green/mint wash as your first coat helps to dull down the pink in the vinyl.


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Bountiful Baby New Peach Vinyl

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NEW – Bountiful Baby Peach Vinyl compared to Bountiful Baby Caucasian Pink Vinyl.

Bountiful Baby have come out with this nice peach vinyl and I personally have to say that I can't wait to do one to see the difference.
As far as I know Trey, Robin and Tory have already be produced in the peach vinyl.

Thanks BB.  🙂