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The Interview for the George Negus show finally aired – The SMN Show #223

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The show on the reborn babies has finally aired and it's online foe everyone to watch.
Thanks to Meggie Palmer for the positive story and Thanks Channel 10
The show is called: 6.30 with George Negus

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Nikki Holland interviewed by Meggie Palmer from channel 10 George Negus

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I did an interview on Reborn Baby Dolls and the Therapeutic benefits they can have to many different people.
They did a really great job presenting the dolls and we have had some really good feedback already.
Julie Matos was such a lovely lady for sharing her story of Izayah.

"An unusual therapy for a heartbreaking problem: how fake babies are helping fill the void for mums who have lost little ones."

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Channel 10 interview for George Negus Show on Reborn Doll Theraphy – Nikki Holland vlog #128

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I had an interview with Meggie Palmer for the 6:30 with George Negus Show on Channel 10.
They spent four hours filming and doing the interview and it was loads of fun.
Here is a behind the scenes look whist they where here visiting.

EDIT: You can now see the complete interview here:

Hope you enjoy and I will put a link on facebook to the show online.


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My Fake Baby

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” My Fake baby”My Fake Baby is a documentary that explores the lives of women who collect and care for life-like designer dolls called “reborns”. The reborns are customized to the owners’ specifications. The dolls can be made to have beating hearts, scratches, milk spots, specific hair colors, and open ears and nostrils — just to name a few. I have watched the 5 part series on YouTube and have to say that they did a good job on telling everyone about reborns. It has now been removed due to copy right. I found it to be a little bit depressing the way they presented it. The art form takes a long time to perfect and they mainly focused on the baby replacement side of things instead of the collectible art side of things. Overall its great to see mainstream media finally recognizing our Art form and promoting it world wide.