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Update on Project 001 – Flesh coats

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Today I managed to get a few coats onto my Reborn Baby Doll Project 001 between the custom order dolls I have on the go.
I have covered the first flesh coats and have added some photos to give you an idea of whats involved.

I would love to hear your feedback on my first tutorial and how its helping you personally..

Some of the new images…..


To have an account, or not to have an account? That is the question.

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We recently decided to make creating an account to shop at SMN optional and so far it has been a success. But I would love to here some feedback as to how you prefer to shop online. Do you prefer to have the option to checkout without signing up for an account? or do you find it's easier just to have an account? I have setup a poll at our forum and I would love to here so feedback.