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Now offering lookalike / portrait reborn dolls again

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We have decided to offer lookalike / portrait reborn dolls again as I have had so many requests for them.

You can create your custom reborn doll order using the custom ordering forms.

Make your selections within the custom order form, in the size you would like, selecting all the details as close as possible. And choose a sculpt / doll kit that suits the facial features best.

After you have made and submitted the custom order, you can then send me some pictures, so I can use them as a reference while the doll is being made.

If you can't find a suitable sculpt / doll kit within the custom order form that looks like your baby, you can send me a photo and I will see if I can help you find a perfect match for you.

Hope this helps,

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Miah’s baby details to help reborn artists

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I have gathered a collection of the photo I have taken of Miah's details like her ears, eyes, eyelid veining, hair and crown / swirl, head veining, mouth, nose and more.

I thought it would help some artists looking for such things.
Hope they help.

Miah baby face
Miah yawn
Miah belly
Miah arm mottling
Miah leg mottling
Miah toes
Miah legs
Miah side hairline
Miah swirl
Miah hair
Miah hair line
Miah hand
Miah hand veining
Miah hand right
Miah hand back
Miah finger nails
Miah mouth
Miah foot
Miah feet1
Miah face
Miah face closeup
Miah eyelids
Miah eyelashes2
Miah eyelashes
Miah eye veining
Miah ear right
Miah ear left