Small – USB Rechargeable Battery Pack

$31.90 AUD

The small USB battery pack has 1000mAh of power. It’s tiny size, makes it perfect to hide in your nappy where it will never been seen or felt.

This battery pack is for use with all SMN breathing mechanism, voice boxes and beating heart chest plates.


All of our Breathing Mechanism’s and Voice Boxes. Include a optional small or large USB Rechargeable battery pack. But you can purchase extra battery packs in different sizes to suit your needs.

This battery pack is for use with all SMN breathing mechanism and voice boxes.

What’s included:

  • Small Rechargeable USB Battery Pack  ( Size: 52mm x 45mm x 15mm )
  • Protective box

How to recharge your battery pack:

  • Using your USB charging cable, connect the micro USB connector to the battery pack.
  • Connect the opposite larger end of the USB cable to any USB wall charger (standard phone style charger) or a powered USB port (a computer/laptop etc..)
  • Allow your battery pack to charge for 2-4 HRS.

USB Charging Cable is not included with spare batteries, but can be purchased separately.

Please Note!! If you have an older SMN breathing mechanism and or sound box, that has a different power connector please contact us for a custom made adapter.

Weight 0.080 kg
Dimensions 9.00 × 6.40 × 2.00 cm


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