Reborn Toddler Girl Sabrina by Nikki Holland

  • Details:

    • Gender: Female
    • Doll Sculpt / Kit: Armani by Olga Tschenskaja
    • Limb Length: Full
    • Doll Length:   29″
    • Body Type: Doe Suede / Cloth – jointed
    • Paints used: Real Effects Air Dry Paints
    • Skin Colour: Hispanic
    • Skin Effects: Peach and Cream
    • Veining: No Veining
    • Painting Special Effects:
    • Hair Type:  Wig
    • Hair Look: Long
    • Hair Thickness: Thick
    • Hair Colour: Medium Brown
    • Eye Colour: Blue
    • Eye Lashes: Yes
    • Doll Weight:  12lb
    • Belly Plates: No
    • Back Plate: No
    • Magnetic Pacifier / Dummy:  Yes
    • Magnetic  Hair Bows / Ribbons: No
    • Display Pacifier / Dummy: No
    • Care Instructions
    • Reborn Birth Certificate
    • Nappies / Diapers
    • Receiving Blanket
    • Mohair Conditioner
    • Toys and more…….


Air Dry Paints are used to create that beautiful baby skin colouring with each layer being applied one thin coat at a time.

Each layer is dried before another is applied, this creates the depth to the skin and gives the baby beautiful looking skin.
The painting is sealed with 3-4 layers of matte varnish.

Eyes and Eyelashes:

On open eyed babies only high quality polyglass or glass eyes are used, they are specially designed to resemble ultra realistic baby eyes in every detail.
These eyes have a glossy finish to give that subtle wet eye look.

The eyelashes are very fine and wispy little hairs and are the most realistic eyelashes on the market.
Open eyed babies have glued on lashes and sleeping babies have rooted lashes.

Sleeping babies have their eyelids painted with those tiny little veining babies have.

Reborn Hair:

Hand rooted is Mohair is inserted strand by strand using a felting needle.
Mohair is nice and soft to resemble newborn baby hair.

Painted hair on the baby is done all by hand, strand by strand using Real effects air dry paints.
The paint has a gloss varnish added to it to give the slight shine baby hair has.
It is then sealed with 3-4 layers of matte varnish.

Body and Filling:

A high quality Doe Suede body is used for the baby, it is designed specially for the dolls size and is very durable, and easy to keep clean.
The body has shoulder and hip joints, which are attached using strong teddy bear clips, enabling them to be rotated easily.

The body is attached using clear cable ties to ensure they are secure.

The limbs are filled / weighted with high quality glass beads and polyfill,
The body is weighted with large glass beads contained with a sack, then filled out with quality polyfill making the baby nice and cuddly and feeling like your holding a real baby.

Clear cable ties are used to connect the limbs / head to the body, they are alot stronger than using string.

Custom SMN Plugs & Rings:

All the heads and limbs have custom made plugs and rings. Printed in a skin colour to better match the reborn doll vinyl.
They enable the head and limbs to turn more freely, which makes posing your reborn doll easier. The rings make a strong connection to the doe suede body, making it impossible for the limbs or head to fall off the body.

The plugs also help to keep the filling in place.


The baby will come home fully dressed and wrapped up in a blanket.
All clothing is specially picked out to suit the baby and only some items can be see in the photos.
The baby will come home with atleast 2 outfits, socks / mittens, bib, hat, blanket, headbands if a girl and nappies / diapers.

Box Packing:

The baby will arrive home in a box that has been specially hand packed by Nikki Holland herself. All items in the box are picked out specially for each baby.
Items included in box packing vary but will include some of these items…..Blanket, nappies / diapers, toys, socks, mittens, shoes, bibs, changing mats, mohair conditioner, baby powder and anything else Nikki finds during the packing of your doll.


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