Jacelyn by Donna RuBert

$143.00 AUD

Dolls name
Light Caucasian (+$110.00 AUD)
Caucasian (+$110.00 AUD)
Olive Tan (+$121.00 AUD)
Mixed Race (+$121.00 AUD)
Medium Brown (+$143.00 AUD)
Dark Brown (+$148.50 AUD)
Peaches & Cream (+$55.00 AUD)
Newborn Mottling (+$60.50 AUD)
Extreme Mottling (+$66.00 AUD)
No Veining
Subtle Veining - wrist/ankles/forehead (+$27.50 AUD)
No Thanks
Yes add a Birthmark (+$16.50 AUD)
Would you like a birthmark on your reborn?
No Thanks
Yes add Milk Spots / Pimples (+$11.00 AUD)
No Hair
Painted Hair (+$137.50 AUD)
Hand Rooted Hair (+$357.50 AUD)
Soft Curly
Extra Fine
Medium Fine
Extra Thick
Ash Blonde
Strawberry Blonde
Light Brown
Medium Brown
Dark Brown
No Eyelashes
Yes Add Eyelashes (+$5.45 AUD)
5 lb (+$38.50 AUD)
6 lb (+$49.50 AUD)
7 lb (+$60.50 AUD)
8 lb (+$66.00 AUD)
No Thanks
Anatomically Correct - Boy (+$66.00 AUD)
Anatomically Correct - Girl (+$66.00 AUD)
Belly Plate - large (+$38.50 AUD)
Boy Torso by Linda Murray (+$110.00 AUD)
Girl Torso by Linda Murray (+$110.00 AUD)
Girl torso by Ping Lau (+$143.00 AUD)
Realborn Boy plate (+$77.00 AUD)
Realborn Girl plate (+$77.00 AUD)
No Back Plate
Anatomically Correct - Bottom (+$66.00 AUD)
No Breather
Add a Breather (+$131.95 AUD)
No Beating
Add a Beating Heart (+$49.50 AUD)
No Baby Sounds
Add Baby Sounds (+$75.90 AUD)
Basic Pack (+$60.50 AUD)
Deluxe Pack (+$82.50 AUD)
Collectors Pack (+$105.55 AUD)
Your baby will arrive home in brand new quality clothing
No Dummy / Pacifier
Yes "Add 1 Magnetic Pacifier/Dummy" (+$27.45 AUD)
Yes "Add 2 Magnetic Pacifier/Dummy" (+$43.89 AUD)
Yes "Add 3 Magnetic Pacifier/Dummy" (+$54.95 AUD)
Would you like your doll to have a Magnetic Pacifier / Dummy?
No Hair Bows / Ribbons
Yes "Clip on" (+$10.95 AUD)
Yes "Magnetic" (+$14.25 AUD)
Would you like your doll to have a Hair Bow or Ribbon?
No Pacifier / Dummy
Yes "Add 1 Display Pacifier/Dummy (+$5.50 AUD)
Yes "Add 2 Display Pacifier/Dummy" (+$11.00 AUD)
Yes "Add 3 Display Pacifier/Dummy" (+$16.50 AUD)
Would you like your doll to have a display Pacifier / Dummy?
Average time frame for completion for a custom order reborn doll is approximately 24 weeks.
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