Beating Heart Chest Plate

$33.00 AUD

Add a realistic battery operated “Beating heart” to your Reborn baby doll or teddy.

Our beating heart chest plate beats, when you press the little button on the lung plate.
includes detachable battery unit with on / off switch.

These beating heart chest plates are felt more easily than heard and are designed to be the closest sound and feel possible to the human heart.

What’s included:
Beating Mechanism ( Size: 89mm x 21mm x 75mm )
Clip on Battery Box with on/off switch

  • How to use your Beating Mechanism:
  • Remove the 2 middle screw from the battery box, and flip cover up.
  • Install 2 x CR2032 batteries into the battery box in the correct direction and replace lid.
  • Turn the switch on the battery box to the ON position.
  • Pressing the top button will active and de-activate the heart beat. (Latest units 21/4/21)

How to insert into your Beating Chest Plate:

  • Prepare your body by adding on the USB body clip provided – Using the template, cut a hole in the lower back of your original body and then clip on the USB body attachment clip.
  • Insert your fluffing (polyfil) and weighting sack into the lower part of the body.
  • Then insert your beating chest plate into the body, on top of the weighting sack and push the cable through the small hole you made.
  • Add enough fluffing around the beating mechanism so that it covers the beater evenly all round.
  • You’re now ready to assemble the doll.
  • Attach the battery box connector to the cable coming from the back of the body, and then simply slip the battery box into the nappy where it wont be felt or seen.

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Dimensions 12 × 8 × 3 cm


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