Tutorial DVD: Course #2: Preemie

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Course #2 DVD teaches a larger five step version of the reborning experience as you make a 17 inch baby. Make a more lifelike baby with the lessons from this course.


Course #2 DVD is the perfect course for you if you want more than just a “taste” of the reborning experience. Take your interest up a notch by experiencing the thrill of making a “real” 17″ reborn baby. Learn the 5 step lifelike painting mehtod as well as how to make your preemie from start to finish. DVD oly, supplies sold separately. Does not teach rooting.

This DVD uses the following paints and brushes:

  • Authentic Reborn™ Strawberry Complexion Blush Paint
  • Authentic Reborn™ Strawberry Complexion Crease & Wrinkle Paint
  • Authentic Reborn™ Premixed Eyebrow Paint
  • Authentic Reborn™ Detail Mop Brush #3
  • Authentic Reborn™ Lip & nail Brush #4
  • Authentic Reborn™ Eyebrow Brush #5
  • Authentic Reborn™ Crease & Wrinkle Brush #7

Learn how to:

  • Use Authentic Reborn paints and techniques
  • Blush the foundation layer & add blush details
  • Paint creases, wrinkles, lips, and eyebrows
  • Paint the arms and legs
  • Paint the finger and toe nails
  • Assemble your 17″ baby
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Dimensions 19.00 × 14.00 × 1.60 cm


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