Newborn – Reborn Breathing Mechanism V2

$154.00 AUD

Bring your reborn dolls to life, with your very own Ssilent Newborn Breathing Mechanism for your reborn dolls.

Our New Silent Newborn Breathing Mechanism simulates a real baby breathing and can be easily seen and felt when your hand is gently resting on the chest.
Each silent breathing mechanism is hand made in Australia, using quality local and imported products.

Add Beating Heart (+$44.00 AUD)
Add Baby Sounds (+$77.00 AUD)
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The New Newborn Silent Breather will suit dolls size:  19″ – 20″.
Larger and smaller breathing mechanism’s are available.


What’s New in V2: 

  • Silent Breathing / more soothing to the ear.
  • Now Belly Breathing.
  • More ergonomic softer feeling case – No foam needed.
  • Heartbeat and Breather now controlled by same button.
  • Consistent breathing.
  • New Baby Sounds V2 (Optional Add On)

What’s included:

  • Breathing Mechanism ( Size: 111mm x 79mm x 50mm )
  • USB Rechargeable Battery Pack
  • USB Charge Cable
  • Stocking (pre installed)- Please Don’t Remove Stocking
  • Protective box –  to keep your breather safe while in transit.
  • Sound & Voice Module – (Optional Add On)
  • Beating Heart Module – (Optional Add On)

How to use your breathing mechanism:

  • Connect the USB cable to the breathing mechanism’s USB connector.
  • Pressing the button on the breather will activate and de-activate your breather.
  • Your breathing mechanism will beat until the battery runs out or the button is pressed to stop it.

How to use your Heart Beat: – (Optional Add On)

  • Pressing the button will active both Breather and Heartbeat together, Press again for just breather or heartbeat, press again to de-active both.

Using the Voice Box: – (Optional Add On)

The voice module is activated by remote control and has built in baby sounds loaded, as well as the option to play your own baby sounds from any Bluetooth enabled device.

  • Your voice module will turn on automatically when first plugged in.
  • You can use the on/off switch on your remote controller, to turn the sound box off.
  • Volume: To adjust the volume, use the “VOL+ / VOL-” when the audio is at maximum, you will hear a beeping sound
  • To change how the audio sounds, you can use the EQ button on your remote controller.

Brand New Sounds V2

Brand new high quality baby sound recordings have now been added. Recorded professionally at 192kbps and professionally mixed and mastered.

Built in Baby Sound Moods:

Audio box remote control

The voice box will automatically cycle through 9 different baby moods.
You can also use the forward and backward buttons on the remote, to skip to the next sound.
Baby Moods
1. Babbling +Sneeze
2. Happy Yells Laughing
3. Crying Screaming
4. Feeding Hiccups
5. Playing Blowing Bubbles
6. Yelling Angry Sad
7. Pushing Pooping
8. Cooing Grizzling Tired
9. Sleeping Snoring

To switch from auto cycle mood mode press “RPT” on your remote to switch to repeat mode.

To connect to a Bluetooth enabled device:
In addition to the built in baby sounds, your voice module includes a Bluetooth module allowing you to connect to any Bluetooth supported phone, mp3 player etc..
Press the Mode button on your remote control and you will hear: “The Bluetooth device is ready to pair.” or a ready to connect sound.
On your Bluetooth enabled device, turn on Bluetooth and add the Bluetooth device:
When you have successfully connected your device you will hear: “The Bluetooth device is connected successfully” or a connected sound.
You will now be able hear the audio played through your device on your voice box. So you can make and record your very own baby sounds to be used.

– Remote control does not include batteries.

Tip!! For the complete baby simulation experience. This Sound & Voice box, perfectly compliments the “BabySitMe” Mobile Phone App created by Rochelle Sadd. – “This Realistic Baby Simulation App will transform the way you play with your Reborn Baby Doll (or other Baby Dolls) forever!
Download BabySitMe on the Apple App Store  Get it on Google Play

How to insert into your Breathing Mechanism:

  1. Prepare your body by adding on the USB body clip provided – Using the template, cut a hole in the lower back of your body and then insert the male outer part of the USB body clip.
  2. Insert your fluffing (polyfil) and weighting sack into the lower part of the body.
  3. Then insert your breathing mechanism into the body on top of the weighting sack and push the cable through the inner USB clip attachment.
  4. Add enough fluffing around the breathing mechanism so that it covers the breather evenly all round, more fluffing is recommended at the back of the breather, to help push it forward so it can be seen more easily from the front / chest.
  5. You’re now ready to assemble the doll.
  6. Screw the inner female and outer male USB clips together with the USB cable going through the clip and out from the back of the body.
  7. Now you can simply slip the USB battery pack into the nappy where it wont be felt or seen, and connect your breather.

Rechargeable Battery Packs:
Your Breather includes a rechargeable USB battery pack & USB charger.

How to recharge your battery pack:

  • Using the USB cable provided in your protective box, connect the smaller connector to the battery pack.
  • Connect the opposite larger end of the USB cable to any USB wall charger (standard phone style charger) or a powered USB port (a computer/laptop etc..)
  • Allow your battery pack to charge for 4-6 HRS.

All 4 sizes Toddler, Baby, Newborn and Mini.

Weight 0.517 kg
Dimensions 19 × 12 × 9 cm


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