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PRICE REDUCTION!! Rings, Plugs & RDC – Reborn Doll Companion.

Due to an increase in our manufacturing capabilities, we are now able to greatly reduce the cost of our entire range of :
Reborn Doll Rings, Plugs and the RDC – Reborn Doll Companion Mount.

You can now give your Reborn Dolls the professional finish, with quality rings and plugs, at a fraction of the cost.

What is the RDC?

The Reborn Doll Companion (RDC) is perfect for those who find holding the head or limbs difficult while painting, hair rooting, or styling of your Reborns hair.

Main Benefits of the RDC:

  • Very light and easy to use – can use a tripod or simply clamps onto any table or desk.
  • Reduced RSI (Repetitive strain injury)
  • Helpful for those with Arthritis or hand problems
  • Avoids rubbing off of your paint work when hair rooting
  • Stops knotting and matting of the hair
  • Makes styling and cutting hair much easier

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