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New way to Custom Order

Hi Everyone, We have been looking at the way we do our custom orders and have found it to be time consuming for both myself and our Customers. So we have launch our new Automated order form. This allows you to pick the size of the doll you want, choose all the details and add other items to your Custom Order. The price is always available so you know what your paying for. Once you check out the order has to be paid for in full and the doll will then be made to your specifications. This is a new leap for Still Moments Nursery in the way of us being the only Reborn doll Nursery to offer such a detailed custom order form with many choices. To Try out the new automated form. The form starts with a base rate, this covers the making, baking and delivery so to speak of your baby. With every selection you make it may or may not alter the price. Your able to add extra addons to your order such as : Clothing, Pacifier, Beating hearts, Toys, Blankets etc. I hope you all find it easy to use and to both our advantages, Thanks Nikki Holland

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