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MAKE YOUR OWN – Doll Kits Hanging Baskets Rack

How to make your very own doll kit racking system by Nikki Holland
"I ran out of room on my work table, so I came up with the idea of turning the baskets I used and the spare clothes rack I had, and turn it into a hanging basket storage system for all the kits I'm working on.
It took 136+ cable ties and alot of patience to get the tension just right….but I think it turned out great."


A two level clothing rack / dryer:

32 plastic Baskets – Size 12" L x 8" W x 4.5" D
136+ long cable ties
16+ short cable ties

First Step:
Extend the bars up fully and place your four baskets on top.
You need to make sure your baskets sit nice and flush on the top two rails, then cable tie them to the rails using 4 small cable ties on each corner.

Step Two:
Using your long cable ties, feed them from the inside bottom to the inside top of your second basket.
Pull the cable tie until you feel a little click..this is the jammer and it about an inch from the end.

Continue until you reach the bottom baskets and cable tie to the bottom of the rack with either long or small cable ties.
Then simply tighten the cable ties between each hanging basket bit by bit to get them tensioned.

This is the side view – the angle helps get the kits in and out easily.
I hope this is helpful to some reborners 🙂



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2 thoughts on “MAKE YOUR OWN – Doll Kits Hanging Baskets Rack

    Now I know what to do with that pack of cable ties I bought!!

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